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  • Услуга CFD. 80.6% теряют деньги
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  • 5.0
    Great reliable broker
    Great reliable broker
  • 5.0
    Excellent broker with the best mobile platform ever
  • 1.0
    Great, but fundamentally flawed.
    I had a great experience using Plus500 as it is easy and quick to use. However, as a trader I am looking to make money and then be able to withdraw my money after making profits. The FCA heavily guides withdrawal processes however Plus500 is not well built to allow for easy withdrawal. It gives you the illusion that you are able to choose your withdrawal methods when in reality Plus500 enforce their right to choose how they return your money. This lead to complications as my original source of deposit was disabled and I had no other withdrawal options due to the Plus500 terms and conditions and I lost £1000s in the recent market crash... It was evident that after four unsuccessful withdrawal attempts that something wasn’t right and it turned out that Plus500 was changing my method without my permission!! I looked on my history and as I have two different PayPal accounts and Plus500 provides no details on which one the withdrawal they chose was directed to, I made a mistake. Plus500 could have clearly provided better support but they continued to direct money to a disabled account. I complained but was unsuccessful as there was no breach in FCA or Plus500 terms and conditions. There wasn’t even an offer to reimburse me reasonably for the flaws in the platform development. I would therefore warn everyone to stay away from this platform as they evidently do not take customers seriously and the platform is flawed.
  • 2.0
    Failure to notify
    I used plus 500 and good results to start with, the platform was relitively easy to use and had what seemed like reliable applications. But it has its problems. I got caught out with margin calling on one large trade which cost me thousands. The program failed to notify me that my margin was approaching and even though i had a large sum of money in my account it automatically exited me from a trade which shortly after turned in my favour. After contacting support about the lack of notifications they quickly dismissed it by saying notifications are from quote "10:39" Please note that alerts and notifications (either by SMS or Email), are not guaranteed, since they are dependent on third party providers" After asking for direction into where this was written in the terms and conditions i recieved a link with a 404 error message, then checking terms and conditions page, policy page etc all are down on 404 error. Pretty convienant timing. In all i wouldnt trust plus500 to trade with.
  • 4.0
    Its a Good broker with nice benefits such as Rebates etc PLEASE ALLOW US TO SET OUR LEVERAGES MANUALLY FROM THE APP. PLEASE ****
  • 4.0
    Easy to use
  • 4.0
    Upgrade to Gold account does not have to be accepted!!!!
    I have just read some reviews here and just wanted to let you all know that when you send plus500 a mail you can tell them that you DO NOT want your account upgraded until you let them know otherwise.. The Upgrade happened to me also but I went straight on the live chat and they explained what had happened and I immediately told them that I did not want this happening so they put my account back to its normal status and since then I have had no problems. Guys, just remember 1 think, never invest 1% more of your equity in 1 position and never invest more than 10% total equity. Thanks and I hope I could help with the Account degrade :) Rod
  • 5.0
    They restored my confidence
    I started trading with P500 from March 2017. I have had losses and successful withdrawals. Both their deposit and withdrawals are seamless. I just loove them !
  • 4.0
    nice service
    nice service
  • 4.0
    Competitive Spreads

    Their minimum spreads starts from a minimum of 2 pips

    Charlot René
  • 4.0
    High Bonuses offered

    Their bonus level top out at the maximum amount of 7000 euros

    Szép Dominik
  • 5.0
    Efficient Proprietary Platform

    Their trading platform is complete and easy to use

    Jörg Meister
  • 4.0
    FCA and CySEC regulated Broker

    The broker is regulated in 3 different jurisdictions

    Leo Buncle
  • 4.0
    $100 Initial Minimum Deposit Requirement

    You can open a live trading account for just $100

    Uriele Calabresi
  • 5.0
    Plug and Play very intuitive

    I initially used the demo site for 24 hours,patience isnt my strong suit and im delighted to say after another 2 days i have made some really decent gains find the site incredibly easy to use ,im totally hooked.Ive used IG before but this is far superior

    Andy Bolton
  • 4.0
    Try the flow myself

    I really like the broker, such a pleasure to deal with them

    Michael Litvinov
  • 4.0

    I like to trade this because the withdrawal is ok and has different and original plattform

    Andres Tovilla
  • 4.0
    Plus500 give new 300$ FREE bonus

    Plus500 give new 300$ FREE bonus, no any requirements! Must take,everyone !

  • 4.0
    The best secure and easy Platform ever

    I think its the best platform in all net. i use this platform and i think its so easy to invest and you fell much of safe when you invest. The only wronk think i have to say abouut this platform according to my opinion is that the extend you very quik to a golden member that did not help you really. I think that they must give you more time before become a golden member.(sorry for my english its no so good).

    Timotheos Stampoulidis
  • 4.0
    Filled outside the NBBO

    I inquired about a stop limit fill that clearly didn't print on the tape or the Plus500 rate. Over 72 hours later, I have received no response, and was blocked from their support channel. Also having a ridiculous time trying to get my money back out. I'd steer clear despite some of the clear benefits. It says alot when a company moderates your concerns instead of addressing them.

    By far the most unprofessional business experience I've had in years. If anyone else has had negative experiences please contact mfkzt at for escalation to a regulator and potential damages.

  • 5.0
    very happy

    easy to use early bonus's paid out straight away I practised on the demo account first, have made a few small errors when buying and selling but so far its a learning curve and im well in profit easy to pay in and cash out. thanks use on my iphone 5 so always able to keep an eye on what rising or falling.

    jim rhodes
  • 3.0
    Away for the weekend

    Sadly there is nobody around on weekends.It seems they only operate between normal business hours.
    Slow response time to emails is 15-20 mins.
    No phone number to speak to anybody.
    Website states 24/7 contactability.
    Frighteningly poor customer service for a broker who handle large amounts of the publics money.

  • 5.0
    The best

    Im in love

  • 5.0
    very easy to use platform

    I started using it only few days ago but practised on demo for long time which is very good.Very easy and user friendly. Charts should be upgraded and must include mountain version. Must provide technical analysis and reserch and forcast for each stock.That is badly needed

    zahid ashraf
  • 5.0

    I began using plus500 a couple of months ago, sent all the required documents and began trading. The customer support is good, they immediately replied to my emails. No problems whatsoever with cashing out - takes a couple of days atleast.
    The platform is simple but feels outdated and not flexible. I think the service is good even tho the trading application itself should be remade. I use other charts for trading.

    Alexander T.
  • 4.0
    plus500 1,5 years

    I have used plus500 since 2011 july.
    I am satisfied with them. I bought shares for long time hold.
    There was a little mistake:
    They forgot the dividend, but when I ask about them. They give it to me. It was some chines shares so, not very popular.
    About this 1,5 years, I win 40%, and I withdrawal the money with no problem within 2-3 working days.
    I think they have an expensive rollover fine. That is a minus.
    They are reliable.

  • 5.0

    Thank you This company really cares about it's customers!

  • 4.0

    This is probably the only platform that allows you to trade without paying a basic fee on each transation. You pay only the spread.

    Alfonso F
  • 5.0
    Multiple Instruments to trade in!

    Apart Forex, it’s nice to know that they also deal with other financial instruments like CFDs, indices, commodities and stocks.    

    Erik Wagner
  • 4.0
    Great Practice Demo Account!

    It’s great their practice demo account is for unlimited use. Gives me the chance to play around with new trading strategies

    Jürgen van der Zwet
  • 5.0
    Simple and simple to operate platform!

    Although their platform is not as sophisticated as Meta Trader4, I like it because it still provide me with all the essential info without cluttering up my screen. 

    Alexis Croquetaigne
  • 4.0
    Low Spreads Forex Broker!

    3 words only for them! Fixed low Spread! 

    Joseph Payne
  • 4.0
    FSA Regulated Broker

    Being FSA regulated gives me the confidence in dealing with them.

    Ewan Campbell
  • 5.0
    Good to find a reliable mobile support system
    I am a business man and always traveling. The most important thing to me is that I can access my account via my cellular telephone. Plus500 is great. I highly recommend it.
    Hannes Müller
  • 5.0
    French Review -- Plus500
    I got in with Plus500 when they first opened in 2010. It was rocky when I was learning to trade at first but now I love it. Mostly, I trade Forex (EUR/USD) and (USD/JPY) but I like that there are options in other markets. Their platform is easy to use and powerful.
    Hugues Martin
  • 5.0
    Three months in and working well
    I joined Plus500 three months ago and I opened my real account last month. So far I’m up just over a wee bit but I’m getting the hang of it. So far so good.
    Michael Mitchell
  • 5.0
    Plus500 is a nice broker

    I have started trading with Plus500 4 months ago and so far I'm quite satisfied. They gave me a nice welcome bonus and the spreads are good too. The only thing I don't like is that they don't have a news feed... oh, well...

    Daniel Gold
  • 4.0
    Plus500 - No deposit, got the bonus
    I made my investment and got my bonus. I read all of the educational materials and tried to earn some money. It was not easy. I lost in stocks but gained in Forex and Indices. I guess that’s how it goes. But I’m happy because I got my bonus and am making profits.
    Capri Brunone
  • 5.0
    Plus500 – French Version
    I invested my money in Plus500 and have to been very satisfied. Sometimes I wish they had a live chat or a phone but they answer e-mails fast and the platform works well.  I trade Forex, ETFs and CFDs mostly. Overall I’m very satisfied.
    Alain Brisebois
  • 5.0
    high reliability
    Their platform is the best in the business. Also, I dislike trading with commissions. So I started trading CFDs with Plus500 and it’s great. No commissions, low margins.
    Gustavo Iraola
  • 5.0
    Plus500; one and a half years of experience
    I joined after having terrible experiences elsewhere. I liked the demo and the real version is just like it. I’m enjoying and making money.  Those unregulated places drive me mad. Also, their platform is easy to understand and work with.
    Culverton Parker
  • 5.0
    Free Bonus and nice people

    I just joined the Plus500 community and I’m very happy. There was a free bonus and the customer support people are very nice. Best of all, the platform was by far the easiest I’ve ever found.

    Maarten Bogaardt
  • 5.0
    Plus500. Finally a broker, not a scam.

    I refused to invest in a non-UK based company ever again. I had made a lot of money before but withdrawing it led to problems with bad brokers. Now I’ve been at Plus500 for a year and I’m regaining trust in the market through the broker. Flexibility in trading on the go is the most important factor to me, behind reliability that is.


    Kay McQuillen
  • 5.0
    Plus500 is very good.
    I just started in FX but I have had a positive experience so far. Lost some money, recovered it but I don’t think that’s Plus500’s fault. Overall they seem sound and I’m quite pleased. Living in theUK, I’m comforted by the fact that they’re FSA regulated.
    Peter Taylor