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CEX.IO Обзоры пользователей 2020

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    CEX.IO looks like a scam
    Based on this review and others, I decided to use CEX.IO to start investing in cryptocurrencies. I did an initial £25 investment using a credit card and this worked well. I then did a further test, on 22nd April 2018, making a bank transfer of £1,000 from my bank in the UK to CEX.IO’s bank in Portugal. This money never arrived in my CEX.IO account. Since then I have sent numerous emails to CEX.IO’s support department. I received immediate and polite replies to all of my emails. However they did not actually do anything to find my money and I still do not have it. I also asked my bank to trace the remittance. My bank received no answers to their trace requests from CEX.IO’s bank. The reference numbers from CEX.IO are 779629 and 790791. I am reluctantly being forced to the conclusion that I am the victim of a scam and that CEX.IO have no intention of returning my money. I advise others to think carefully before using this exchange.
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    CEX.IO is a total SCUM!
    On 19 February 2018 I registered an account on the website of the cryptocurrency stock exchange CEX.io ( ID# up118741364). On 21 February 2018 I bankwired US$5000,9 to my CEX.io-account and since then the operation is still “pending” (for 100 days already!!!). The support service answered to all my letters (ticket 709424) with common phrases «We will do our best to find the solution», «We kindly ask you to understand that it may take some time», but they didn't provide any proof of their actions! I provided a swift-receipt from my bank, proving the fact, that the transfer was made on their account. But CEX.IO answered that they didn't get any money and just closed my ticket like the problem is solved!! When I posted about this situation on forums they answered asking for MORE TIME for investigation, but they refused to provide even a reference number of the investigation! So, there is no any proofs that they really started any investigation! A gave a statement to the police of London, hope they would do something with those frauds!
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